Gym Equipment And Accessories

Due to our extensive experience in the relevant mat sector, we are deeply committed to providing our esteemed clients over a wide geographic area with the highest quality gym equipment and accessories. With its excellent skid resistance, superior insulation, high compression strength, flexibility, and durability, it is perfect for a variety of industries and offers workers' protection from electrical risks. Many deserving customers can readily access the offered gym equipment and accessories, which are available in various sizes and at competitive prices.

10 mm Rubber Mat

Owing to our enriched experience in the respective mat industry, we are profoundly indulged in offering the best quality 10 mm Rubber Mat to widely scattered esteemed clients. It has good skid resistance, super insulation, high compression strength, flexible, durability, and is ideal for varied industries for providing safety to the workmen against electrical hazards. Easy to clean and maintain, the presented 10 mm Rubber Mat can be easily availed by innumerable worthy clients in different sizes at affordable prices.

Triceps Rope

Our team of skilled professionals and years of gym industry experience has enabled us to bring forth the best quality Triceps Rope to the clients. Suitable for various exercises, it is utilized as an attachment for cable system. The rope aims to target biceps, triceps, abs, shoulders, and back. It is made out of the best grade material with developed technology that guarantees its high load bearing strength, zero maintenance need and durability. Furthermore, clients can buy Triceps Rope at pocket-friendly prices with safe packaging.

V - Handle

We are a prestigious name in the respective gym equipment industry, successfully involved in proposing the best quality V-Handle to the clients. This type of equipment is designed to be utilized perform low rows on a cable machine, amongst various other exercises. It comes with urethane grips and can easily be joined to both stacks on a functional trainer or dual pulley if needed. Moreover, the V-Handle has high strength, rust proof finish, durability and can be bought at industry leading prices.

Vinyl Kettlebell

Leveraging on expertise and dedication of our adept professionals, we are proposing the finest quality Vinyl Kettlebell to the clients. This type of kettlebell is ideal to be utilized in strength training, crossfit, sports performance and so on. At our developed machining facility it is precisely designed and manufactured by making use of top-grade metal and finishing with vinyl coating to ensure its high strength, rust resistance, and durability. Furthermore, clients can buy Vinyl Kettlebell in varied sizes, and colors at negotiable prices.

Rowing Handle

Rowing Handle that proposed by us is a rod that can be utilized as a rowing exercise. It is fitted with a connector, which can be joined to any kind of gym equipment. The presented handle is made of high grade steel and rubber gripper to guarantee a good grip. Owing to small size and lightweight, it is easy to carry and used. Ideal for both home and commercial gyms, the Rowing Handle is corrosion proof, durable, and can be bought at the best market prices.

Vinyl Dumbbell

Backed with our enormous experience in gym equipment industry, we are deeply involved in offering the best quality Vinyl Dumbbell. This type of dumbbell is widely demanded and liked because of its stylish look and high strength. It is suitable for both commercial and home gyms for doing varied exercises. Most of graded metal and vinyl coating with advanced tools and machines, the Vinyl Dumbbell is durable, rust proof, easy to use, maintenance free and can be availed in bulk at nominal prices.

Rubber Coated Plates

Our well-renowned organization is proposing a large collection of the best quality Rubber Coated Plates to the valued patrons. These kinds of plates have elegant look, rust resistance, and do not damage floor due to their rubber coating. They are most commonly used in commercial gyms along with weight lifting machines and equipment for doing various exercises. Comes in varied weights and sizes, the Rubber Coated Plates can be bought in desired quantity at the best market prices.

50mm Olympic Barbell Rod

50mm Olympic Barbell Rod that our company presents to the clients is utilized for a variety of exercises such as squats, bench presses, deadlifts and military presses. Owing to its standardized size, it can fit any standard weight plates for exercising purposes. In order to fabricate said barbell, our personnel utilize stainless steel bar of high grade and developed casting technology. Corrosion resistance, high strength and durable, clients can buy 50mm Olympic Barbell Rod in needed amounts at the most reasonable prices.

Foam Roller

With years of gym equipment industry experience, we are deeply engaged in proffering the finest quality Foam Roller to the clients. Comes in a variety of colors, it is utilized as a muscle massager, and helps exercisers knot out tight spots in different parts of the body including shoulders, calves, and lats. Owing to its soft, embossed pattern, it helps in releasing tension. Made of first-rate foam with cutting-edge technology, the Foam Roller can be bought in bulk at the lowest prices.

Cast Iron Plates

Backed by adept and dedicated personnel and modern manufacturing unit, we are zealously indulged in offering a collection of Cast Iron Plates to innumerable precious clients. Come in a variety of weights or sizes, these are most extensively utilized in the commercial gyms for weightlifting exercise in order to tone the muscles. Precisely designed and fabricated from top-grade cast iron with cutting-edge process, the Cast Iron Plates are rust proof, high strength, durable, and can be availed at pocket-friendly prices.

Bumper Plates

Bumper Plates that we are presenting to numerous patrons are ideal for both professionals and beginners owing to their durability, safety, and practicality. They are perfect for Olympic Weightlifting includes snatch, the front press, jerk, and clean, a squat, and dead lift. To fabricate said plates, sophisticated casting equipment, grade metal, and coating material are used that ensure their high strength, rust resistance. Over and above, clients can buy Bumper Plates come in different colors, and weights at economical prices.

Horizontal Dumbbell Rack

Horizontal Dumbbell Rack that our well-known firm presents to the patrons has high durable, long life, corrosion formation resistance, and excellent load bearing capability as it is well designed and fabricated by expert personnel using top-grade metal and coating material with cutting-edge technology. Owing to precise dimension and ideal weight, it can be installed without much effort. Over and above, clients can easily buy Horizontal Dumbbell Rack at moderate prices.

Battle Rope

Battle Rope that our well-established company offers to widely scattered valued patrons is ideal to be utilized for toning the body as well as losing fat. The presented rope has perfect thickness & twisting, and heavy and rugged construction due to which suitable for building muscles, strengthening the core and helpful in weight loss. Made of the best grade material with cutting-edge technique, the Battle Rope can be easily bought by clients in varied lengths, thicknesses and colors at feasible prices.

Triceps Press Push Pull Down Straight Bar

On account of our in-depth gym industry experience, we are keenly immersed in manufacturing and supplying the finest quality Triceps Press Push Pull Down Straight Bar to widely spread valued clients. Ideal for weightlifting purpose, it is suitable for different kinds of weighting machines and equipment. It is precisely designed and fabricated from top-grade stainless steel bar, and synthetic plastic gripper with mirror surface finish. High strength, rust proof and durable, the Triceps Press Push Pull Down Straight Bar can be acquired by clients in varied sizes, and grades at compromising prices.

Dumbbell Rods

Dumbbell Rods that our well-distinguished organization brings forth are the best suitable for both home and commercial gyms for toning back, chest, and shoulder. These have spiral threaded ends through which needed weight plates are put on the rods. Precisely designed and fabricated from steel bar of the best grade with developed casting technology, the presented Dumbbell Rods are durable, rust proof, high strength and can be easily availed by clients in budget-friendly prices.

28mm Barbell

Backed by a team of adept professionals and ultra-modern machining facility, we are presenting the best quality 128mm Barbell. It is an important piece of exercise equipment that is utilized in bodybuilding, weight training, powerlifting, and weightlifting. Widely used in commercial or home gym, it is made out chosen grade stainless steel with progressive casting technology in line with gym industry standards. In addition, 128mm Barbell is rust proof, high in strength, durable, and can be purchased at negotiable prices.

Aerobic Stepper

Being a leading entity in this arena, we are engrossed in bringing forth the best in quality Aerobic Stepper to our significant patrons. This type of exercise equipment is utilized for strengthening as well as for endurance training in the courses like "Step and Tone". Plus, it is great for distinct dance forms and workouts. It is made from top grade ABS material with developed processing technique that ensures its high tensile strength, strong construction and durability. In addition, clients can get Aerobic Stepper in several colors and sizes at compromising prices.

Gym Squat Rack

Our company has a team of sincere and well-experienced professionals that help to design, fabricate, and supply the best in quality Gym Squat Rack Pro to the valued patrons at the most reasonable prices. This kind of rack is widely used in commercial gyms for perfectly doing barbell squat exercise. In order to fabricate said rack, we make use of metal of the highest grade and developed casting technology in line with industry standards. Rust proof, diamentionally accurate, and durable, Gym Squat Rack Pro can be purchased at competitive prices.

51mm Olympic Plates

Being a client-friendly organization, we are proposing first-class 351mm Olympic Plates to the valued patrons. These kinds of plates are ideally suitable for Olympic Weightlifting such as the front press, jerk, snatch, clean, a squat, dead lift, etc. The following plates precisely designed and fabricated by expert personnel utilizing the best in grade metal and synthetic coating material with cutting-edge technology that guarantees its rugged construction, zero maintenance, high strength and long life. Additionally, clients can buy 351mm Olympic Plates at economical prices.

Dumbbell Rack

Our well-established firm is actively indulged in bringing forth A-one Dumbbell Rack to the respected patrons. This style of rack is commonly installed in commercial gyms for keeping dumbbells in orderly and systematically in order to maintain cleanness in the gym. The rack has super strength and durability as it is fabricated from selected grade steel metal and cutting-edge fabrication technology in complete line with industry norms. In addition, clients can get Dumbbell Rack at the most reasonable prices.

Commercial Round Dumbbells

Backed by our huge experience in gym equipment industry, we are passionately engrossed in putting forward the finest quality range of Commercial Round Dumbbells. These dumbbells are high in demand in number of commercial gyms due to their elegant look, smooth edges, and high strength. They are suitable for doing different kinds of exercises to tone the muscles. Made of top-grade metal and premium coating with modern machines, Commercial Round Dumbbells are easy to use, maintenance free, rust proof, durable, and can be acquired in different weights at market justified prices.

Olympic Plate Tree With Bar Holder

Olympic Plate Tree With Bar Holder that our firm presents is most extensively installed in commercial gyms for keeping plates in systematic way. This kind of tree has ideal dimension and high stability due to which does not collapse with heavy weight. In order to design and fabricate such gym equipment, our team of professionals utilizes chosen grade steel bars and metal and advanced fabrication and welding technology. Moreover, Olympic Plate Tree With Bar Holder is rust resistant, durable, fine finish and can be acquired at competitive prices.

Hexagonal Dumbbells

Being the foremost business entity in this sector, we are presenting a comprehensive line of the highest quality Hexagonal Dumbbells to the valued patrons. These styles of dumbbells are utilized in the free weights area and in fitness training and crossfit training. Owing to one piece structure and firm gripping finish, these are very easy to hold and use. In addition to this, the Hexagonal Dumbbells are available in varied weights and finishes at market justified prices.

Gym Bench

Gym Bench that proposed by us to our significant patrons is extensively utilized commercial gyms for doing exercise of back muscles, crunches, and training of stomach. At our developed fabrication facility, it is well designed and made out of chosen steel metal structure, anti-skid rubber pads, and coating material with approved technology, guaranteeing super strength, low maintenance, smooth edges and durability. Featured with padded platform, the Gym Bench can be installed easily, corrosion proof and is available at compromising prices.

75 cm Gym Ball

Backed by years of experience in gym equipment industry, we are actively instrumental in bringing forth the best quality 75 cm Gym Ball to widely scattered esteemed clients. This type of ball is most commonly utilized by trainers in fitness programs as well as by therapists for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Perfect for strengthening both lower and upper body, it is made out of the best grade polyvinyl chloride material with developed technology. Comes with air fitting pump, the 75 cm Gym Ball is available in varied colors and sizes at low prices.


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